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Tower linesman electrician for UK

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United Kingdom
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You will be responsible for the delivery of network enhancement projects and/or restoration of electrical supplies on networks distribution system and carrying out repairs. You will be able to work under your own initiative and demonstrate the ability to carry out risk assessments in order to create a safe working environment.

Main Accountabilities:

1) Carries out all work in connection with the construction, maintenance and report of
a. Overhead lines and any associate plant and equipment, connections, and earthing, including cable laying and necessary excavation, backfill and reinstatement
b. Overhead line service lines, pilots and catenaries, service termination equipment and connections thereto
2) Patrols overhead lines and reports defects and any work being performed in the vicinity of the line route.
3) Carries out work on live 240/415v apparatus conductors or equipment as required, in accordance with the appropriate safety rules.
4) Carries out live line work on overhead lines up to and including 11kv.
5) Installs and connects, or disconnects and removes, or re-sites whole current metering.
6) Removes and replaces links and fuses on the 240/415v network.
7) Uses meters and instruments and records readings. Assists in resistance, thermal and height measurements on overhead lines.
8) Carries out rigging, erects and inspects pre-formed scaffolds and pole and clip scaffolds.
9) Carries out tree felling and tree trimming.
10) Drives vehicles, cleans them and carries out roadworthiness checks.
11) Operates communications/data transmission and display equipment.
12) Operates mechanical aids and uses portable equipment.
13) Switches, isolates and earths when authorised to do so.
14) Undertake Stand.


- CV IN English !

-HV electrician qualification;
-minimum three years direct experience in HV overheaded electrical power lines, construction and maintenance;
-english language knowledges at very good level including technical terms.

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